Christian Daniels Gallery Exhibitions 2018:

January 26th – March 10th: Urban Landscapes

March 16th – April 28th: Spring Showcase

May 4th – June 23rd: Streets of San Francisco

June 29th – August 11th: People and Places

August 12th – September 3rd: Gallery Closed

September 14th – November 3rd: Cityscapes 2018

November 9th – January 5th: Small Works Holiday Show (Gallery is closed from December 2nd – December 10th)


Christian Daniels Gallery Exhibitions 2017:

January 27th – March 11th: Local Streets

March 17th – April 29th: Steep Hills and Tall Buildings

May 5th – June 10th: Streets of San Francisco

June 16th – July 22nd: Urban Vistas

July 28th – August 26th: Brent Jensen

August 27th – September 18th: Gallery Closed

September 22nd – October 21st: Cityscapes 2017

October 27th – December 2nd: Cat Van Bergen: Transbay Exhibition

December 3rd – December 11th: Gallery Closed

December 15th – January 20th: Small Works: Holiday Show


Christian Daniels Gallery Exhibitions 2016:

January 22nd – February 27th: Local Streets

March 4th – April 9th: Rare Views

April 15th – May 28th: The Streets of San Francisco

June 3rd – July 16th: Brent Jensen

July 22nd – September 3rd: Cityscapes

September 9th – October 15th: Michael A.F. Gumbert

October 16th – November 7th: Gallery Closed

November 11th – December 10th: Urban Views

December 16th – January 21st 2017: Small Works Show


Christian Daniels Gallery Exhibitions 2015:

January 30th – March 14th: City Streets

March 20th – April 25th: People and Places

May 1st – June 13th: Streets of San Francisco

June 19th – July 25th: Urban Landscapes

July 31st – August 29th: Cosmopolitan Views

August 30th – September 14th: Gallery Closed

September 18th – October 24th: Views Around the World

October 30th – November 28th: Paul Cheng and Doohong Min

December 4th – January 16th: Small Works Show


Christian Daniels Gallery Exhibitions 2014:

January 10th – February 15: Small Gems

February 21st – March 22nd: Urban Faces and Figures

March 28th – April 26th: Spring Group Exhibition – “Recent Arrivals”

May 2nd – May 31st: Streets of San Francisco

June 6th – July 5th: Richard Lindenberg and Christin Coy

July 11th – August 9th: James Kroner

August 12th – August 30th: Small Works Salon Show

September 5th – October 10th: Hsin-Yao Tseng

October 11th – November 3rd: Gallery Closed

November 7th – December 6th: Richard Schloss

December 12th – January 24th: Jacob Dhein


Christian Daniels Gallery Exhibitions 2013:

May 10th – June 7th: Streets of San Francisco

June 14th – July 13th: Arlene Fisher Hann

July 19th – August 10th: Plein Air

August 16th- September 14th: Melissa Yarbrough

September 20th – October 19th: Wine Country

October 25th – November 23rd: Yen-Ching Chang

October 25th – November 23rd: Sung Eun Kim

November 29th – January 4th: Jacob Dhein

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