Jung Han Kim

San Francisco Art Gallery Artist – Jung Han Kim

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Jung Han Kim: Artist’s Statement

On the series of raining street scenes in San Francisco:
With my new series of paintings of raining street scenes in San Francisco, I have invented a new way to amalgamate representational with abstract. I call them abstract realism paintings.
Representational is figurative shapes. Abstract is fluid and arbitrary shapes in the painting. Representational is what I see as I look around me. It is visual and is the combination of shapes and colors of things surrounding me as my environment. Abstract is what is inside my mind as I feel, remember, think and imagine. It is so much more than the visual perception of my environment. It is natural and cultural and sentimental. I am stuck in the middle between representational what is around me and abstract what is in me.
My reality I create in my mind, which is my invention, lays in the balance between representational and abstract as the idea that the phenomenological experience of my mind and change of world is one continuous whole.
The paintings from the series liberate me from both representational and abstract by letting me see them putting up with one another on my canvas from a distance. As those are being painted and eventually have stuck on the canvas with their new destiny I break free from them. I am not any more in the middle between those two while I am in my studio making a painting which is the amalgamation of representational and abstract. The newly found space is the detachment. It transcends me. It takes me to another place from which to contemplate those two elements from a different perspective.
With the newly distance, I have tried understanding what is elemental and essentially fundamental in my painting. In turn, the surface of the bubble has surfaced. Now I see representational and abstract happen beyond the surface. Those are intensely pushed away with the surface metaphorically and are integrally adhered on to the canvas.
Meanwhile the bubble gets me think what I am separated with the world and my mind. It is certain that there is no need to try to get out of the bubble as you feel the true self. It is the conceptual liability of life.