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The 9 funniest people on Twitter and a list of all the finest tweets of By Eric Zorn Jan 01, PM Every week I offer up for reader consideration a list of the best one-liners I've found or been pointed to on Twitter.

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This study examined the differences in self-promotional content and effectiveness of Twitter activity between individual and team sport athletes. The authors utilized content analysis to categorize Twitter activity while a comparison not only between different types of athletes but also within categories was conducted by analyzing composite variables.

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The light behind the blinds was blue, indicating it still wasn't daybreak outside. Hadn't I just gone to bed.

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"Professor Bradley taught oceanography my freshman year," he said, shifting his weight to his knees but keeping my legs trapped.

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I watched him lick his lips, the dimple teasing me as it peeked out and vanished. His hands were on the move again and grabbed my hips, dragging me forward.

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" Was this all really happening.

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Spoken to me directly. We hadn't done much talking that night in the hotel, and I'd made myself scarce this past year when they were in the apartment.

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The next morning, I found cans of chicken noodle soup and clear juice stocked in the kitchen; tissues and pain relievers in the bathroom; and bedding folded on the ottoman.

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" I shivered as the water started to get cooler, but I didn't want to get out. Not yet.

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