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Please let us know if you change your camping location! There is no nudity, drugs or smoking around the children at Kids Camp.

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Maybe we could actually get featured article status at that point, too. It would nice to have a fully FA-quality article in any case, regardless of whether it is eventually picked.

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Yet, if he did increase the pressure, I feared I would come.

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Relax, Holly.

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The longer he stroked, the louder the noises were that trickled past my lips. "Yes, honey.

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He moaned, probably at how wet and hot I was.

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One hand gripped me behind the neck, holding my head to his. The other hand slid up and down my left side.

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You have both had your say. It's my turn.

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As a result, we'd discussed possible punishments for disobedience. He'd wanted to avoid spanking since I liked it and he wasn't into physical harm.

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