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Fitty, whose real name is Curtis Jackson, had posted the graphic video to taunt Ross, who fathered a child with the woman, Lastonia Leviston, lawyer Philip Freidin said. Advertisement "She dead," 50 Cent says toward the end of the tape, which he narrated on his website, calling the woman vile names, describing her private parts and reminding Ross that his daughter came from her.

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It was almost a year before I felt I could venture back into being a Dominant again.

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But he continued to kneel there, his eyes burning into mine. My chest shuddered and heaved on my next inhale and exhale, the ropes feeling like they were what was holding my heart and lungs inside me, not my ribcage.

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"Well. we were out for Pete's bachelor party, and one of the guys thought it would be a great idea if we each got a nipple pierced to commemorate the night.

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Halfway through, I retrieved a glass of water and knelt at his feet, sitting back on my heels. It was another minute before he groaned and reached down, caressing my cheek.

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But when I could only use my concentration.

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" I wrapped my fingers around his hand on my cheek, squeezing tightly. "I was so scared.

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